concrete swimming pools melbourne

Melbourne, Add a Concrete Pool to Your Home

Thinking about treating yourself to your own personal oasis? Sienna Pools can guide you through the concrete swimming pool construction process and create an outside environment that reflects your individuality. We’ve installed plenty of concrete pools across Melbourne and all are individually designed to suit your ideas and dreams.

We often find that the thought of lengthy and disruptive building processes can discourage people from putting a pool in their own backyard. That’s why we’ve created our pool installation services to be as efficient and accommodating as possible, ensuring that our valued customers find themselves with their ideal summer haven in no time at all!

Your pool, your way

Concrete pools have been associated with a number of different interiors over the years. They have a wide variety of applications, both in and out of your house. Apart from fully tiled interiors, in recent years we have seen the emergence of different interior applications such as Quartzon and Beadcrete. In comparison, these applications are a great alternative to a full tiling.

As true industry experts, we will guide you through plenty of different concrete construction and installation options, to provide you with the best possible swimming solution in accordance with your needs.

When we create customised designs for our clients, we are sure to use only the highest-quality and most durable concrete possible – this ensures that you get full and quality service from our products, year after year after year. Our team works hard to source and use the best materials when constructing and installing our pools in Melbourne. We also offer fibreglass options if that is more suited to the style of you and your home.

To guarantee that you are out of the heat and in your own private nirvana in no time, be sure to consider our pool installation and construction services. When you choose us, you choose quality and dedication every time.

Get in touch with us on 0425 750 749 or 0425 719 061 if you have any enquiries about our services – or if you’d like to talk to our Melbourne based installation and construction team about your individual requirements and specifications.